Created for you.

With Pennant, you get a fully customized digital platform with your name on the front door.

Behind the scenes, Pennant takes care of hosting and scaling, while you create content libraries, sell subscriptions, tickets to livestreams, merchandise and never again have to stamp "canceled" over your headlining marquee.

How it works

Easy to setup, easy to use.

Pennant is a fully self-serve platform providing you with an intuitive interface to help you build your content library, set pricing, incorporate merchandise, alter the look and feel, and more.

  • Upload Videos icon

    Upload Videos

    It’s as easy as “Drag & Drop,” then we do the rest. Uploading even the largest of files is a breeze with Pennant.

  • Manage Users icon

    Manage Users

    Need more than one administrator on your channel? Easy! With user management, you can add your bandmates, tour manager, marketing director… literally anyone.

  • Categorize icon


    Intuitive content organization is key. Create easy categories for fans to easily sort through your content. Click and drag to prioritize what shows up first on your channel’s landing screen.

  • Customize Branding icon

    Customize Branding

    Upload your logo, pick your primary brand color and add photo backgrounds to your content to give your channel its very own, unique look and feel.

  • Set Pricing icon

    Set Pricing

    Your content is your product, so naturally, you set your own pricing. Whether its subscriptions, pay-per-view or live-stream access, you’re in control of what you charge.

  • Integrate Stripe icon

    Integrate Stripe

    Getting paid is easier than ever with Stripe Connect. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get paid directly to your bank account every time you make a sale.